North East Scotland College 2013 - 2016 / HND Photography

Like many people, school was not my thing. Throughout my rather short time at Mackie Academy, I really struggled to find peace with myself. Although I had a few great friends, I felt very alone. After much thought, I left school in 2013 and began the path toward my true passion, photography. Since 2009 I was taught by the fabulous Kyle Hamilton and Louise Kerr. What started as photographic lessons every Friday soon turned into a strong friendship and multiple small job opportunities. I worked as an assistant with Kyle and Louise, helping on shoots and entertaining clients. This gave me a huge boost when it came to my studies, and after three years I was delighted to pass with straight A's throughout. During my three years at NESCOL we did everything from practising with film in the darkroom to perfecting our studio work. These years showed a change in my style and of course a massive boost to my confidence. Now several years on I am happily travelling the world one step at a time and photographing every bit of it.



Whether you are looking for some new images for yourself or your business, I offer a wide range of services to suit all budgets. I like to keep things light-heartened and fun, so working with me is never difficult. Tell me what you want, and I will deliver it for you in a creatively unique way. Photography allows us to connect to everyone from across the globe, no matter the language barrier. A good photo can do wonders for your advertising and keep your followers and clients engaged and interested. Let me speak a thousand words for you and your business and give it that new, crisp look it needs. No matter what your brief, get in touch and we can start getting some idea's down on paper! 
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Runner-up in the BIPP National College Awards

Best Work on the Wall at NESCOL End of Year Exhibition 2016

Shortlisted in the Top 100 of the John Byrne Awards 2017
Shortlisted in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards Environmental Category, February 2020

Group Exhibition at NESCol End of Year Show 2016 

'Enjoy the journey' Solo Exhibition at Hy, Stonehaven, November 2019 

Published in Australian Publication (6 pages), Outback Mag in the December/January issue.

Photo essay on Outback Community Marree

Featured (single image) on BuzzFeed November 2017

Published (single image) in NinetyFour Mag, October 2018
Published (3 pages) Trend Magazine, July/August 2020



Baa Wool

The Marree Hotel

Outback Mag

Hyve Architects 

Summits Outdoors

The Noisy Movement 

Sea Harris 

Wadi Rum the Second Time Tour

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