Fact one: writing bio's is my least favourite thing, and I am really terrible at doing them. But here goes, I will give it a shot. 

Firstly I will state the obvious, Jenny, or Jen for short. The 'Rose' part of my blog comes from my surprisingly lovely middle name which was apparently chosen by my big brother and sister when they were toddlers (a little too sensible for toddlers don't you think?). Regardless, I use Jenny Rose as my online name. My last name is actually Anderson - boring! Born and bred in Scotland, I have lived on the beautiful coastline my whole life. Although the Scottish weather is questionable, I really would not change it for the world. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an extremely supportive family and friends. My mother is an amazingly talented knitting genius and shop owner (see her work) and my father being the happiest and most selfless man alive. Perhaps it was mum's arty genes or my own whacky imagination that drew me to photography, whatever it was since I received my first little camera I was truly hooked. Now about seven years on I have (for now) finished studying and graduated from college with an A in my HND photography - oh how time flies! School was not my forte, so after having thorough tuition from the fabulous Kyle and Louise (big up to these talented guys, my mentors and best friends through everything) I left early to continue with my passion at college. 


In October 2016 my boyfriend and I left our jobs and started the first of many exciting adventures together. Since then we have explored Europe, Asia and Australia. We have well and truly caught the travel bug! During our time abroad we worked on a farm fruit picking and in a remote outback pub in South Australia, travelled the East Coast in a rusty old campervan and explored Vietnam's most beautiful spots (among lots and lots of other cool things!). For now, we are just chilling out, saving some money and planning our next adventures.


Adventure, tattoo's, friends and wild days (and nights) out are what I am all about. Oh and my dog Lola, she is the best. 

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